Making Wise Decisions

Everyone makes decisions. Some are good calls, some are bad calls, and some are a little bit of both.  Join us and learn the biblical way of decision making.


GOOD CALL 1 - Decisions

On average, people make 35,000 decisions a day, and the quality goes down as the day goes on. Join us as we look at how to increase the quality of your daliy desicion making.

GOOD CALL 2 - Temptations

We live in a temptation economy. Everything seems to conspire to tempt you over-spend, over-consume, or over-step. Join us as we look at how to fight temptations when it comes to our decisions.

GOOD CALL 3 - Consistency

What outperforms appearance, education, family of origin, and IQ?  Consistency wins every time. Join us to learn how to not give in, give up, or give out when it comes to good, consistent decisions.

GOOD CALL 4 - Devoted

What are you so devoted to that it sucks the life out of you?  When we're devoted to following Jesus, we don't lose our life; we get more life than we've ever had.  It really is a good call.

GOOD CALL 5 - Generous

Do your possessions possess you? Do your finances dictate every decisions? Stop thinking of life as a zero-sum game, and start becoming a generous follower of a generous God.

GOOD CALL 6 - Perseverance

Grit is the number one character trait that will get you places in life.  So many people quit on the verge of true life-change and success. Learn how stick-to-it-ness translates into amazing decisions and life.

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