Exploring the Spiritual Themes in the Summer's Hottest Movies

God is everywhere.  But do we have "eyes to see and ears to hear"?  Join us as we look at the hottest movies of the summer of 2022 and find the spiritual themes in each.


SBB 2022-1 Family Camp

Sometimes all we desire is a little peace in our families, and w try so hard to make it happen, but it never lasts very long. Join us as we explore how to become peace-makers instead of peace-keepers.

SBB 2022-2 Top Gun: Maverick

No one is thrilled about raising children in this crazy world right now. If we don't raise up the next generation for the mission of Jesus Christ, every other mission the world has will recruit them.  Help your kids become the generation that transforms their community.

VAMPIRES 3 - Needy

SBB 2022-3 Lightyear

Everyone has dreamed from time to time about going back in time and making different decisions. Instead of erasing the past, what if God wants to integrate our future? Join us as we see how God redeems our biggest mistakes.

SBB 2022-4 Jurassic World: Dominion

Our world induces fear, and that fear can hold dominion over us.  It's time to take control back and begin to work on the antidote to fear. 

SBB 2022-5 Elvis

How do you keep going when everything seems to be conspiring against you? How do you keep your enthusiasm, when you feel beat up every day? Join us as we look at how to keep our zeal for the work God has for us. 

SBB 2022-6 Thor

Everyone suffers loss...including followers of God.  No one is immune to grief, loss, and sorrow. Christians just have a different way to process it. Join us as we look at how to grieve with hope.

SBB 2022-7 Minions: The Rise of Gru

Some of the most unlikely friendships can also be the most loyal, faithful and long-lasting, and God uses those amazing friendships in His plans. Join us as we explore where these friendships can lead.

SBB 2022-8 Where the Crawdads Sing

 Life finds a way to survive, but it doesn't do it well when it's alone. Join us as we explore a critical part of our development.

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